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7 Badass Celebrities That Rock Motorcycle Fashion
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Published on July 19, 2017


7 Badass Celebrities That Rock Motorcycle Fashion

Motorcycle culture has gone mainstream in recent years. Thanks for that goes in no small part to the popular show Sons of Anarchy and a number of motorcycle-related reality shows, such as Biker Build Off and American Chopper.

For many people, motorcycle fashion has as much appeal as motorcycles themselves.

There's the leather jackets, which are unerringly cool. Who hasn't looked at someone whipping out a biker wallet and thought, "Man, I need to get one of those."

And how about those chains?

The list of people who find that fashion intriguing isn't limited to your average Joes. There's plenty of celebrities who embrace that look with blanket enthusiasm.

Marlon Brando's Motorcycle Fashion

Brando rode motorcycles in real life, but his most famous motorcycle fashion statement came in the 1953 classic film, The Wild One.

In the film, Brando wore what many consider the iconic motorcycle outfit. He sported a Perfecto leather jacket, leather gloves, engineer boots and blue jeans.

It's a potent look. One that conveys a kind of stripped down, utilitarian masculinity that no other look can equal. At least it does if you look like a young Marlon Brando riding a 1950 Triumph.

Even if you don't look like a young Brando, and no one does, that essential biker look sends a very clear message.

Don't mess with Texas.

Just kidding. It says that you're not a person to take lightly. Especially if you're riding a 1950 Triumph.

Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen was known as the "King of Cool" and for good reasons. He was a massively popular actor and starred in the classic films Bullitt and The Great Escape. Those films let him show off two of the other reasons he was cool personified.

McQueen was an occasional race car driver and motorcycle enthusiast. He was good enough that he did some of the driving for the famous Bullitt chase scene, though stuntman Loren Jane took on the really dangerous stuff.

McQueen also did much of his own riding during the motorcycle chase scene in The Great Escape. At one point, through the magic of Hollywood trickery, he chases himself while wearing a German uniform.

His riding gear changed frequently, but he seemed to prefer a 4-pocket, belted A7-style jacket.

McQueen participated in off-road motorcycle races when he wasn't filming. As if that wasn't enough, the guy was also a pilot!

King of Cool, indeed.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The always grizzled Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a man of many roles. At the moment, he's probably best known as Negan, a leather-clad, bat-wielding psychotic on AMC's The Walking Dead. What makes Morgan interesting is that he can lay honest claim to that biker leather.

It turns out that he's an experienced rider. In fact, thanks to relative L.A. poverty, he spent ten years riding a motorcycle as his main mode of transportation. Morgan can certainly afford a car these days but hasn't abandoned riding.

He's been known to take his dogs for a ride and take bike trips with co-star Norman Reedus.

While Negan prefers a Perfecto-style jacket, Morgan is usually spotted in a casual, distressed leather jacket.

7 Badass Celebrities That Rock Motorcycle Fashion

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is another Hollywood A-lister who loves his motorcycles. In addition to riding on screen in the unremarkable Cry Baby and later in The Rum Diaries, he owns a number of motorcycles, including some vintage bikes.

Depp is also famous, or infamous, for his offbeat and ever-changing style.

Even so, biker fashion peppers Depp's style. He can often be seen wearing leather cuff bracelets and skull rings that would do Captain Jack Sparrow proud.

As to what kind of leather jacket he wears, a quick image search provides the obvious answer. He wears all of them.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has seen his share of professional ups and downs. On the downside, the abysmal waste of screen time called Green Lantern. On the up side, surprise uber-hit Deadpool.

What hasn't seen any up or downs is Ryan Reynolds love of motorcycles.

He picked up riding as a kid and just never stopped. Images abound of him riding a Ducati here and a Triumph there. The bike that gets him the most attention, however, is his custom built Triumph 650.

In an interview, Reynolds was asked about his riding gear. It turns out that Reynolds likes to keep thing simple when it comes to motorcycle fashion.

His preferences are wrangling gloves, jeans and an old leather jacket.

It doesn't get any simpler than that.

Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus plays Daryl Dixon, arguably the most popular character on AMC's The Walking Dead. The character often rides a heavily modified Honda Nighthawk, which probably suits Reedus just fine.

Reedus is a serious rider in the real world. How serious?

So serious about it that he has a show called Ride with Norman Reedus. Each episode features Reedus taking a ride and exploring bike culture with that week's guest.

Reedus is frequently seen wearing an A7-style jacket and occasionally sports a skull ring.

He also prefers to wear a full-face helmet. Safety first!

Jay Leno

Jay Leno's love affair with motorcycles borders on the legendary. He started collecting in the early 80's and never looked back. The number of motorcycles he owns seems to go up constantly but is probably in the 100+ range.

When he's not buying a new motorcycle or riding one, Leno stays involved in motorcycle charity events. He was a supporter of the now ended Love Ride and recently showed support for the Veterans Charity Ride.

While he's extravagant when collecting, his motorcycle fashion is down to earth. He goes in for a basic leather jacket, engineer boots and a helmet. Sometimes it's a full-face and sometimes not.

A man needs choices in life.

Parting Thoughts

Motorcycle fashion isn't reserved to full-time bikers. After all, Leno wore a suit 5 days a week for years. Whether you're a newbie rider, a weekend enthusiast or a celebrity, you can find the motorcycle jacket, rings or wallet that expresses your style.

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