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5 Biker Style Tips From Sons of Anarchy
Sons of Anarchy Biker Fashion
5 Biker Style Tips From Sons of Anarchy

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Published on July 11, 2017


5 Biker Style Tips From Sons of Anarchy

For six years, Sons of Anarchy (SOA) gave television viewers a glimpse into the realities of motorcycle culture.

The show, which ran on FX from 2008 to 2014, explored how complex riding could be, how close-knit bikers could become -- and how cool they could look.

The character at the crux of all the drama? Jackson 'Jax' Teller, played by Charlie Hunnam. As Jax navigates the SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original), he does so with a swagger and style not often seen on the small screen.

Today, we're exploring the biker style from this series and learning some ways we can incorporate that look into our own biker wardrobe.

Ready to learn more? Let's get started!

1. Find a Solid Cut-Off Piece

Want to copy Jax's signature biker style? It all starts with the classic cut-off waistcoat he dons in a majority of the episodes.

Not only did this piece represent his membership in the motorcycle club -- it gave him a unique style that set the tone for most of his high-speed adventures.

Jax favored a leather vest, but you can easily recreate this look with a more versatile jacket.

Look for one that's lined and that features sturdy and substantial hardware, like zippers and studs. You'll also want high-quality leather that's capable of holding up to the myriad patches you'll want to affix to it.

2. Roughen it Up

Nothing says "I haven't been riding long" like a pristine leather jacket.

To achieve the signature SOA look, don't be afraid to beat yours up just a little bit. In this world, a little wear and tear is a good thing.

In fact, in an interview with Men's Journal, the show's costume director revealed that before letting Jax and crew wear the jackets on the show, they'd actually run over them with their cars to distress them!

Now, you don't have to go to those extremes, but the point here is that to achieve SOA-level cool, you'll have to break that new gear in as soon as possible.

So take it for a test drive and let the wind rip against it. Wear it out as much as possible and let it become exposed to the elements. The only place it won't do you any good is in the back of your closet.

3. A Fitted White Tee is Your Friend

What's underneath all that leather is just as important as the jacket itself. Look closely at almost any shot of Jax and crew cruising down the road, and you'll notice a peek of white at the top collar.

The reason? The guys frequently wore fitted white t-shirts as their base layer. Number one, this is a practical way to absorb sweat and keep the rest of the layers clean.

In addition, it also serves as a striking contrast to the next layer of biker style, which, for Jax, was often a blue, plaid button-down. As these shirts are patterned, a white t-shirt acts as the perfect background to set them off.

The key here is to make sure the tee is as fitted as comfortably possible. You want to be able to move in it (and breathe deeply of course), but you don't want two baggy shirts taking up valuable real estate under your leather jacket (or vest).

ant to make the look extra relaxed? Tuck in the white tee, but leave the button-down loose. You can even roll up your sleeves if you're feeling extra rebellious.

4. Invest in Quality, Comfy Denim

This one might be a no-brainer, but we'll mention it here anyway.

For extended periods of riding, you'll need a quality pair of jeans designed to allow freedom of movement, breathability, and maximum coverage.

That said, it's unlikely that skinny or super-fitted jeans will fit the bill.

Rather, the men on the show favored comfortable, classic, straight-legged jeans that are proven to hold up -- and hold out -- under even the most extreme conditions.

The only exception? One character in the show, Juice, often opted against the denim trend and instead went for Dickies, the enduring brand of work pants.

Though these drifted from the club's denim standard, the key here is that Dickies are equally durable, roomy, and reliable.

So leave the skinnies at home and pull on a pair of classics you can depend on. Your best bet? Raw denim, which will give you that vintage, worn-in look and feel you need without sacrificing wearability or sturdiness.

5. Don't Forget to Accessorize Well

Now that your wardrobe is in order, it's time to add the finishing touches.

Let's start with your boots. The men on the show were often seen wearing classic leather boots. However, these weren't your typical, night-on-the-town footwear.

In fact, the brand that created the boots originally designed them for Midwest oil workers roughly 100 years ago. As such, they were created to be beaten up as much as necessary, without losing their form or function.

When shopping for a similar biker style, look for high-quality leather options that lace up to support your ankle. You'll want a pair that can take a beating and still keep their cool, so in this case, the more practical the better.

The perfect finishing touch? Some dynamite biker jewelry.

While the SAMCRO rings were custom-made for the characters on the show, you can still find the perfect piece for you. The main thing to remember? A dainty thin band won't cut it here.

Jax and his team were known for donning chunky, heavy rings that were anything but discreet. To this end, don't be afraid of jewelry that's more ornate or outspoken than you'd typically choose.

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