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garnet eyes skull bracelet

Men's garnet eyes skull bracelet

Garnet eyes skull silver bracelet.
Bracelet weight : approximately 162 Grams.
With red garnet on every skull links.

[3 in stock]
PRICE: $497.00

Gemstone Skull Biker Cuff

Men's Gemstone Skull Biker Cuff

Clear & Red Gemstone Gothic Biker Cuff.

Size adjustable from 7" to 8" wrist.
[4 in stock]
PRICE: $89.00

Griffin Bracelet

Men's Griffin Bracelet

Tribal Griffin Sterling Silver Bracelet.

Griffin design with tribal link 925 silver chain bracelet.
[9 in stock]
PRICE: $345.00

Hammered Cuff

Men's Hammered Cuff

Sterling Silver Hammered Cuff Bracelets

hammered smooth design silver mens cuff.
[4 in stock]
PRICE: $88.00

Hammered Mens ID Bracelet

Men's Hammered Mens ID Bracelet

Sterling Silver Hammered ID Bracelets

hammered tribal design silver mens id bracelets.
[8 in stock]
PRICE: $164.00

Heart Key  Silver Bracelets

Men's Heart Key Silver Bracelets

Heart Key Sterling Silver Bracelets

Tribal heart & key design with cuban figaro links.
[7 in stock]
PRICE: $149.00

Heavy Bulldog Bracelet

Men's Heavy Bulldog Bracelet

Heavy Bulldog Sterling Silver Mens Bracelet

9 inches length with 165 grams.
[4 in stock]
PRICE: $445.00

Iron Cross Men Bracelet

Men's Iron Cross Men Bracelet

Iron Cross Mens Silver Biker Bracelet

Sterling silver men bracelet weight : 93 Grams.
[5 in stock]
PRICE: $312.00

Japanese Dragon Silver Bracelet

Men's Japanese Dragon Silver Bracelet

Japanese Dragon Chain Silver Bracelet.

925 sterling silver men's bracelet.
[14 in stock]
PRICE: $245.00

Japanese Tattoo Cuff

Men's Japanese Tattoo Cuff

Japanese Tattoo Sterling Silver Cuff.

Diamond tribal tattoo .925 cuff bracelet.
[4 in stock]
PRICE: $153.00

Knot Bangle

Men's Knot Bangle

Handmade .925 Sterling Silver Bangle.

Adjustable size between 7.5"-8.5" inches.
[0 in stock]
PRICE: $103.00

Koi Bangle Bracelet

Men's Koi Bangle Bracelet

Koi Carp Silver Bangle Bracelet

Carving .925 sterling silver bracelet length 7.5"-8"
[5 in stock]
PRICE: $158.00

Leather Dragon Bracelet

Men's Leather Dragon Bracelet

Double Head Dragon Silver Leather Bracelet.

Handmade braided genuine leather mens bracelet.
[12 in stock]
PRICE: $290.00

lion chain bracelet

Men's lion chain bracelet

Lion mens sterling silver chain bracelet.

Weight : approximate 58 Grams.
Bracelet Link Width : 5/8" inches.
[4 in stock]
PRICE: $158.00

Lion Head Bracelets

Men's Lion Head Bracelets

Lion Head Sterling Silver Mens Bracelets

Heavy & solid sterling silver bracelet weight 140 grams.
[4 in stock]
PRICE: $357.00

Lion Leather Bracelet

Men's Lion Leather Bracelet

Double Head Lion Silver Leather Bracelet.

Handmade braided genuine leather lion silver bracelet.
[2 in stock]
PRICE: $296.00

Mary Angel Cuff

Men's Mary Angel Cuff

Sterling Silver Mary Angel Bracelets.

Golden Mary Angel and Crosses design.
[9 in stock]
PRICE: $95.00

Multi Skull bracelet

Men's Multi Skull bracelet

Multi skull sterling silver bracelet

Bracelet weight : approximately 160 Grams.
Bracelet link width : 7/8" inches.

[5 in stock]
PRICE: $359.00

Phantom Skull Bracelet

Men's Phantom Skull Bracelet

Phantom Skull Sterling Silver Bracelet.
Gothic stack phantom skull oval id bracelet.
[1 in stock]
PRICE: $489.00

Rider dragon chain bracelet

Men's Rider dragon chain bracelet

Rider dragon mens sterling silver chain bracelet.

Weight : approximate 125 Grams.
Bracelet Link Width : 5/8" inches.
[10 in stock]
PRICE: $355.00

Roller Bracelet

Men's Roller Bracelet

Bold Roller .925 Sterling Silver Bracelet.

Handmade thick roller men's chain bracelet with skull clasp.
[5 in stock]
PRICE: $135.00

Roller Silver Bracelets

Men's Roller Silver Bracelets

Roller Link Men's Sterling Silver Bracelet.

100% Carving roller design men's silver chain bracelets.
with approximately 37 grams, awesome men's jewelry
[0 in stock]
PRICE: $97.00

Ruby Dragon Bracelets

Men's Ruby Dragon Bracelets

Ruby Dragon Silver Leather Bracelets.

Handmade braided genuine leather & sterling silver bracelet.
Cabochon ruby on the dragon eyes.
[5 in stock]
PRICE: $265.00

Silver Eagle Cuff

Men's Silver Eagle Cuff

Sterling Silver Eagle Cuff Bracelets.

Woolen handmade double head eagle cuff.
[2 in stock]
PRICE: $103.00

Silver Skull Chain Bracelet

Men's Silver Skull Chain Bracelet

Silver Skull Chain Mens Bracelet.

Double skull head design sterling silver chain.
[7 in stock]
PRICE: $195.00

Silver Snake Bracelet

Men's Silver Snake Bracelet

Heavy Sterling Silver Snake Bracelet.

Snake link .925 silver chain bracelet with skull clasp.
[9 in stock]
PRICE: $259.00

Silver Tiger Bracelet

Men's Silver Tiger Bracelet

Leopard tiger silver chain bracelet.

Weight : approximate 58 Grams.
Bracelet Link Width : 12 mm.
Come with 2 diamond clear stone on tiger eye sockets.
[3 in stock]
PRICE: $175.00

Skeleton Bone Bracelet

Men's Skeleton Bone Bracelet

Skeleton Bone Mens Solid 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet.

Weight : approximate 125 Grams.
Bracelet Link Width : 5/8" inches.
[11 in stock]
PRICE: $294.00

Skeleton Bracelets

Men's Skeleton Bracelets

Skeleton Sterling Silver Bracelets

High quality skeleton skull design chain bracelets.
[8 in stock]
PRICE: $349.00

Skull Biker Cuff Bracelet

Men's Skull Biker Cuff Bracelet

Lucky Skull Biker Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets.

Woolen handmade twin lucky skull design sterling silver cuff.
Adjustable wrist size.
[13 in stock]
PRICE: $79.00


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