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We are renowned designer of unique biker jewelry and biker rings both for women and men. Wearing them gives you a look of freedom and independence. It needs to depict boldness, designs and motif to impart attitude with freedom. Our prices are amazing and you will see that once you order. Just browse through the collection here and have fun.

Flame Crossbones Ring Silver Axe Pendant Necklaces Crown Silver Mens Necklace Mens Diamond Skull Ring Seven Poker Mens Pendant
Flame Crossbones Ring
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Silver Axe Pendant Necklaces
Our Price: $49.00
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Crown Silver Mens Necklace
Our Price: $387.00
Mens Diamond Skull Ring
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Seven Poker Mens Pendant
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Big Head Skull Chain Sapphire Pirate Skull Rings Dragon Wolf Pendant Lion Ring Eyeball Ring
Big Head Skull Chain
Our Price: $229.00
Dragon Wolf Pendant
Our Price: $39.00
Lion Ring
Our Price: $99.00
Eyeball Ring
Our Price: $76.00
Gun Pendants Big Garnet Rings No 7 Biker Rings Boxing Glovers Pendant Skull Bracelet
Gun Pendants
Our Price: $62.00
Big Garnet Rings
Our Price: $109.00
No 7 Biker Rings
Our Price: $39.00
Boxing Glovers Pendant
Our Price: $55.00
Skull Bracelet
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Skull Biker Rider Bell Pendant Punk Skeleton Hand Ring Metalic Skull Ring Dragon Loop Pendant Horseshoe Skull Biker Rings
Skull Biker Rider Bell Pendant
Our Price: $67.00
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Punk Skeleton Hand Ring
Our Price: $59.00
Metalic Skull Ring
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Dragon Loop Pendant
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Silver Hawk Rings Dragon Ring Diamond Skull Bracelet Flame Cross Skull Rings Eagle Rings
Silver Hawk Rings
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Dragon Ring
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Diamond Skull Bracelet
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Flame Cross Skull Rings
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Eagle Rings
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Black Crocodile Wallet Anaconda Snake Bracelet Japanese Phoenix Rings Designer Cross Mens Rings Garnet Flaming Skull Pendant
Black Crocodile Wallet
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Anaconda Snake Bracelet
Our Price: $285.00
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Japanese Phoenix Rings
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Designer Cross Mens Rings
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Garnet Flaming Skull Pendant
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Solid 14K Gold Skull Ring Phoenix Ring Japanese Samurai Sword Pendant Tough Skull Ring Silver Eagle Ring
Solid 14K Gold Skull Ring
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Phoenix Ring
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Japanese Samurai Sword Pendant
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Tough Skull Ring
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Silver Eagle Ring
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Dinosaur Hornbill Head Ring Mexican Sugar Skull Rings Ruby Skull Rings Mexican Gun Pendants Sugar Skull Pendant
Mexican Sugar Skull Rings
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Ruby Skull Rings
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Mexican Gun Pendants
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Sugar Skull Pendant
Our Price: $76.00
Biker jewelry includes items that are traditionally worn by those who lead a biker lifestyle. Bikers who are in complete motorcycle wear cannot do without wearing biker jewelry like rings, bracelets, necklaces etc. as it completes their look. Not all bikers are created equal though, as different types of motorcycle riders have different tastes when it comes to clothing style, gear, and jewelry. Cast and characters from shows such as American Chopper and Sons of Anarchy are great examples of people depicting traditional biker wear including that which features wearing a variety of biker rings and biker jewelry.

The Motorcycle Rider Lifestyle

Simply put, a biker is a motorcyclist that is affiliated with a motorcycle club or gang. Others define a biker as an individual with innate passion to ride, and loves the feeling of riding on the open road. There are also some that refer to bikers as individuals who ride for a cause, or those who are owners of specific bike brands, and dress a certain way or use certain brands of gear.

For instance, riders who exclusively ride Harley Davidson motorcycles usually wear Harley Davidson apparel including biker rings with the initials HD. It exudes exclusivity that all motorcycle enthusiasts wish to be a part of as well. Those who own Harley Davidson bikes are proud with their bikes and are usually displaying this elusive ownership any chance they have. Biker rings and biker jewelry are not the only items that are personalized or customized with the Harley Davidson logo, but other articles of clothing as well including jackets, patches, and denim pants too.

Riders who wear biker jewelry can be found biking across the country. These motorcycle owners are usually the weekend warriors; men and women who lead normal lives during weekdays and opt to explore the open road during weekends with friends instead. It doesn’t matter what brand of motorcycle they own, most of them are adorned with biker rings and biker jewelry- accessories that undeniably add to the charm of the biker lifestyle.

Hardcore bikers are usually on the road on a daily basis. They usually ride in groups and are freely riding the open road from sunrise till dawn. A part if their lifestyle is displaying the fashion that bikers are accustomed with. Biker rings usually display masculine styles and designs, including skull rings, and those that feature bones, exotic animals, and crosses to name a few.
Biker rings traditionally feature designs that meet the taste of men as majority of those who ride motorcycle are guys who simply love their bikes. They are not your typical jewelries as biker rings and biker jewelry pieces look, unique and beautifully rough. When it comes to living a biker lifestyle, it’s all about making a solid fashion statement. Biker rings are not mere fashion statement, but are symbolic in that it exudes masculinity, strength, and power.

We normally perceive bikers as strong and agile people. They are not your typical motorcycle riders, as their big bikes reflect their dominant character on and off road. Biker rings reflect the strength and personality of their owners. Biker rings usually feature characters that riders mostly associate with in terms of personality and riding style.

Just like those bikers in Sons of Anarchy, biker rings and biker jewelry are not merely fashion statement, but also showcase the essence of biker lifestyle. Bikers have classy and elegant taste despite their sense of aggression and rebellion. Rings are a symbol of power, rebellion, and tough attitude. Bigger biker rings and biker jewelry denotes power and belonging to the upper ranks of their group or gang. Powerful biker rings also reflect the sensibilities and personality of its owners. Bikers are not limited to wearing rings as their accessories, as they are also seen wearing other pieces of biker jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and piercings too.

As the biker lifestyle connotes a carefree and rough personal, riders usually pick symbols of violence such as skulls, guns, knives, and bones to name a few. As there is an increasing number of people who are fast adapting to a biker lifestyle, many companies are now specializing in the creation of biker jewelries. Customers may even pick their own personalized design to make it unique.
Of course, there are some who simply are attracted with the masculine and rough fashion of bikers, that they buy them even when they do not own a motorcycle. Although amusing to say the least, the average customer simply does not understand the importance of these rings to bikers. Some biker ring designs connotes higher authority in a biker club or gang. There are only a few people who can weat a biker ring with a certain design, whilst some are only allowed to choose from a limited collection.

Biker rings come in a variety of finishes, colors, and designs. They are not your average ring as they are exasperatingly large and flamboyant. They are also irregularly shaped as a result of the unique designs and logos that are associated with motorcycle riders. One fact that you will be delighted to know is the fact that majority of biker jewelries being sold online and offline are handmade. Human hands painstakingly work on these rings to make them a unique work of art. In most cases, artists will only make one of each design, making them highly valued possessions for riders.

Biker rings and biker jewelry commonly comes in two colors- black or silver. Silver and white gold are the most common precious metals used in the fabrication of biker rings and biker jewelries. There are also those that feature elegant gems in exquisite cuts as pray of the overall design. For those who want to go beyond the usual colors, some companies also make biker jewelries in an assortment of colors and materials. Although you may opt to wear gold biker rings, the biker lifestyle has always been associated with the colors black and silver.

When picking biker jewelries, take your time and find one that suits your personality. Make sure to inspect them closely for quality to make your purchase worthwhile!