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Display your religious sentiments with pride by wearing a beautifully designed cross pendant. Crafted to perfection, these pendants are highly popular and worn by many who love to show their faith in the Almighty. We showcase a large variety of sterling silver cross pendants that are designed carefully and made available to you in different sizes and styles. Browse through our online shopping portal and choose from a vast range of intricately deigned cross pendants.
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Bishop Cross Crucifix Christian Pendant Crucifix Pendant
Bishop Cross
Our Price: $247.00
Crucifix Pendant
Our Price: $98.00
Amethyst Bishop Cross Gold Silver Pendant.
14K yellow gold over sterling silver, with diamond and amethyst.
Jesus Crucifix Christian Pendant
Gold crucifix sterling silver christian pendant.
Gold jesus crucifix sterling silver pendant.
Silver Weight : 31 grams.
Pendant Size : 2 5/8" x 1 3/8" inches. Thickness : 1/2" inches.
Jesus Crucifix Wood Pendant Celtic Cross Pendant 2mm chain sterling silver necklace
Celtic Cross Pendant
Our Price: $53.00
Jesus Crucifix Wood Silver Pendant
Christian Crucifix Sterling Silver Wood Cross Pendant.
Celtic cross sterling silver pendant.
Pendant weight : approximately 20 Grams.
Pendant measures : 1 1/8" x 2 1/4" inches.
2mm chain sterling silver necklace.
Handmade solid .925 sterling silver necklace.
2mm loop silver necklace Silver Skull Pendant Skull Cross Biker Pendant
2mm loop silver necklace
Our Price: $33.00
Silver Skull Pendant
Our Price: $79.00
Skull Cross Biker Pendant
Our Price: $39.00
2mm loop chain sterling silver necklace.
Handmade solid .925 sterling silver necklace
Mens sterling silver multi-skull pendant.
Weight : 27 Grams.
Pendant Size : 1 1/2" x 2 1/4" inches
Skull Cross Sterling Silver Biker Pendant
Red ruby stones inlay sterling silver pendant.
Diamond Gtohic Cross Pendant Gothic Wings Pendants Mary Pendants
Gothic Wings Pendants
Our Price: $47.00
Mary Pendants
Our Price: $68.00
Sterling Silver Diamond Cross Pendants
With diamond CZ stone inlaid on cross sockets.
Blue Gothic Angel Wings Sterling Silver Pendant.
Inlaid with approx 2ct of cabochon blue topaz.
Sterling Silver Mary Cross Pendant
Diamond clear stones and mary sterling silver pendants.
Medieval Whistle Pendant Royal Lion Cross Pendant Spike Cross Pendant
Medieval Whistle Pendant
Our Price: $68.00
Royal Lion Cross Pendant
Our Price: $79.00
Spike Cross Pendant
Our Price: $69.00
Medieval Sterling Silver Whistle Pendant
Awesome fleur de lis and cross design whistle.
Sterling Silver Lion Cross Pendants
With golden brass lion and crown, inlaid mixed stone on the loop.
Rocker Spike Cross Silver Pendant.
Sterling Silver Gothic Spike Cross Mens Pendant.
sterling silver cross pendant necklace Tribal Gothic Cross Chopper Cross Biker Pendant
Tribal Gothic Cross
Our Price: $36.00
Gold chain sterling silver cross pendant & necklace.
Silver weight : 24 grams.
Pendant size : 1 1/8" x 2 1/8" inches (30 x 55 mm.)
Genuine leather chain necklace width : 4 MM., Length : 22" inches.
Gothic Cross Sterling Silver Pendant.
Tribal floral gothic cross .925 silver pendant.
Chopper Cross Silver Biker Pendant
Maltese iron cross design biker mens pendants.
Cross Leather Cords Flame Dragon Pendant Gothic cross silver pendant
Cross Leather Cords
Our Price: $39.00
Flame Dragon Pendant
Our Price: $68.00
Chained Cross Silver Leather Cords.
Yellow gold over sterling silver mens pendant jewelry.
With handmade braided genuine leather cords necklaces.
Blade Flaming Dragon Sterling Silver Pendant.
Carved Dragon Tattoo Solid Sterling Silver !COOL

Mens sterling silver cross pendant & necklace.
Silver weight : 24 grams.
Pendant size : 1 1/8" x 2 1/8" inches (30 x 55 mm.)
Genuine leather chain necklace width : 4 MM., Length : 22" inches.
Iron Cross Pendant Jesus Pendant Maltese Cross Pendant
Iron Cross Pendant
Our Price: $39.00
Jesus Pendant
Our Price: $68.00
Maltese Cross Pendant
Our Price: $39.00
Iron Cross Sterling Silver Pendant.
Maltese iron cross .925 sterling silver biker pendants.
14k Gold Crucifix Sterling Silver Jesus Pendant.
Handmade diamond 14k yellow gold Jesus pendants.
Get free braided genuine leather chain necklace.
Tribal Tattoo Maltese Cross Pendant
Maltese Iron Cross silver pendant.
Mens Rocker Cross Pendants Sapphire Chained Cross Pendant Yellow Gold Cross Pendants
Mens Rocker Cross Sterling Silver Pendant.
Knight Blossom Rocker Cross sterling silver pendant.
Pendant size 31mm x 52 mm with 15 grams of weight.
Sapphire Sterling Silver Cross Pendant.
Blue stone chained silver mens pendant.
14K Yellow Gold Cross Mens Silver Pendants.
Rocker design .925 sterling silver mens pendant.
Cross coated by 14k yellow gold.
Tiger Pendants Flame Cross Pendant Dragon Cross Pendant
Tiger Pendants
Our Price: $125.00
Flame Cross Pendant
Our Price: $58.00
Dragon Cross Pendant
Our Price: $55.00
Maltese Iron Cross Tiger Pendants.
Tiger head & Maltese iron cross design.
Heavy & Solid sterling silver weight 50 grams.
Flaming Cross Sterling Silver Men's Pendant.
Great gothic flame tattoos cross pendant jewelry.
Dragon cross sterling silver pendant.