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Big Jesus Ring Diamond Cross Bishop Ring Diamond Cross Ring
Big Jesus Ring
Our Price: $83.00
Diamond Cross Bishop Ring
Our Price: $197.00
Diamond Cross Ring
Our Price: $64.00
Big Jesus Cross Sterling Silver Ring.
.925 sterling silver jesus christian rings.

Handmade Diamond Cross Bishop Ring.
14K Yellow gold over sterling silver christian rings.
Diamond Cross Crucifix Jesus Silver Rings.
14K Yellow gold cross & jesus mens sterling silver ring.
Jesus Crucifix Biker Rings Silver Bishop Rings Silver Cross Christian Ring
Silver Bishop Rings
Our Price: $237.00
Jesus Crucifix silver cross biker ring.
Ring weight : 20 Grams.
Ring face measures : 1" x 1 1/4" inches.
Amethyst Sterling Silver Bishop Rings.
Big oval amethyst silver men's ring.
Silver Cross Christian Ring
Amethyst Cross Sterling Silver Rings.
Amethyst Bishop Ring Bishop Cross Cabochon Amethyst Bishop Ring
Amethyst Bishop Ring
Our Price: $237.00
Bishop Cross
Our Price: $247.00
Amethyst Christian Bishop Ring
Sterling Silver with 14k Yellow Gold Coating Christian Ring.
Amethyst Bishop Cross Gold Silver Pendant.
14K yellow gold over sterling silver, with diamond and amethyst.
14k Yellow Gold Bishop Ring.
Cabochon amethyst with cross design.
Christian Crosier Ring Christian Crown Bishop Ring Christian Peridot Ring
Christian Crosier Ring
Our Price: $195.00
Christian Peridot Ring
Our Price: $237.00
Crosier Christian Yellow Gold Ring.
Carved sterling silver mens ring.
Crown Design Yellow Gold Bishop Ring
Christian crown carved gold over sterling silver ring.
Christian Peridot Yellow Gold Men's Ring
14K Yellow gold over sterling silver peridot rings.
Christian Ruby Bishop Ring Cross Bishop Ring Crucifix Christian Pendant
Christian Ruby Bishop Ring
Our Price: $237.00
Cross Bishop Ring
Our Price: $217.00
Christian Yellow Gold Ruby Bishop Ring.
Handmade cross design christian sterling silver ring jewelry.
With big ruby stone and diamond clear stones.
Christian Cross Bishop Ring.
Handmade carved christian cross bishop rings.
14K Gold over solid sterling silver by our master silversmith.
Jesus Crucifix Christian Pendant
Gold crucifix sterling silver christian pendant.
Crucifix Pendant Easter Lily Bishop Rings Gold Bishop Ring
Crucifix Pendant
Our Price: $98.00
Easter Lily Bishop Rings
Our Price: $217.00
Gold Bishop Ring
Our Price: $225.00
Gold jesus crucifix sterling silver pendant.
Silver Weight : 31 grams.
Pendant Size : 2 5/8" x 1 3/8" inches. Thickness : 1/2" inches.
Christian Easter Lily 14K Yellow Gold Silver Bishop Rings.
100% Handcrafted with Easter Lily design on the sides.
Gold Cross Christian Bishop Ring.
.925 Sterling silver with yellow gold plating.
Gold Silver Cross Bishop Ring Jesus Crucifix Wood Pendant Princess Amethyst Bishop Rings
Gold Silver Cross Christian Bishop Ring.
Gold Coated Sterling Silver Cross Bishop Jewelry.
Jesus Crucifix Wood Silver Pendant
Christian Crucifix Sterling Silver Wood Cross Pendant.
Princess cut Amethyst Bishop Rings
With Crucifix carved design on the sides
Ruby Bishop Rings Womens Bishop Ring Yellow Gold Oval Bishop Ring
Ruby Bishop Rings
Our Price: $190.00
Womens Bishop Ring
Our Price: $237.00
Ruby Sterling Silver Bishop Rings.
Great quality christian red ruby 14k yellow gold over sterling silver ring.
Marquise Amethyst Gold Women's Bishop Ring.
The band detailed with a bishop pastoral's staff.
Yellow Gold Oval Bishop Ring.
Christian cross design with amethyst stone.